About us

Experienced, young, dynamic and eager.
that’s who we are

Passion4Sales is your link to greater business!

We are a team of experienced, young, dynamic people eager to succeed! We are united by passion for sales and passion for people. Passion4Sales is a nice place to work for our employees and for us. We are a true partner for our customers. Always looking to built a long term partnership with our employees and customers because this ensures sustainability in what we do!

Passion4Sales is a young and dynamic company founded in June 2013 and was created to help companies grow in sales and top line revenue.

Passion4Sales is your link to greater business!

We support companies in reviewing their sales approach; provide them with consultancy in different commercial areas and offer them outsourced sales solutions to help them grow rapidly.

We believe that people make the difference and that they have a great influence on customer experience. Only if we develop, manage and deploy talent we will be able to succeed in an ever-changing market.

Our true passion is about sales and people! We believe that we can increase, start-up and optimize businesses by focusing on these areas.

01 Passionate
We are passionate about sales and customer retention and the work we do. Our success is partner – and customer happines

02 Commitment
We really love what we do and are blessed our customers trust in us.

03 Together
We believe in open & clear communication throughout the whole process. We believe a partnership can only work when we are open & honest to each other. The solution is often is the willingness to solve it.

04 Flexibility
The world around us is changing very quickly. The ability to adapt approach often defines success. Together with our partners we are open to discuss and implement change if needed. We are flexible and we embrace change, but we will always preserve long term thinking.