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solutionsHiring a new sales person has become an important priority for many companies seeking continuous expansion…
…Onboarding a successful inhouse salesperson involves considerable time, training and expense and in the end, you never end up one person who has all of the talent, skills and relationships of a full team.
If an in house person is not working out, you are more likely to hold on to him or her longer than you should because of the upfront investment you’ve made.
This is why more and more firms prefer an outsourced sales team over hiring inhouse.




Here are six key benefits related
to outsourced sales teams.

01 Lower overhead cost
Outsourced resources do not require you to provide phones, laptops, office space and other resources.

02 Deployment of a larger multi-faceted sales team
For the cost of hiring one senior sales person, a company can get access to a full team of outsourced sales professionals.

03 Elimination of fixed payroll and benefits costs
With an outsourced sales solution, companies pay only for the services rendered and do not have to add individuals to payroll, benefits and travel programs, which reduces cost of sales.

04 Profit from years of established relationships
An outsourced sales team brings a wide variety of contacts and relationships that can be leveraged to deliver faster results than one person bringing only his or her individual contacts.

05 Increased sales coverage
An outsourced team approach allows for a company to expand its reach more quickly than it could with one in house individual.

06 Take-over after 6 months
If there is a great match between you as our customer and our commercial talent as your representative we are open to discuss a possible take-over. Fully tested, trained and skilled after 6 months you can immediately benefit from the full potential of your new employee!

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Account Management Services

Studies say that acquiring new customers is 5 to 25 times more expensive than retaining & developing existing ones.

Studies show that increasing customer retention by 5% results in increased profits by 25 to 95%

Still a lot of companies don’t seem to fully value their existing customers anywhere near as much as new customers.

The headline statistics give an indication of the scale of the problem:

30% of companies say they are
« very committed » to relationship marketing.

46% say they are committed
« to a certain extent »

22% say they don’t do any
relationship marketing.

Helpfully, they also provide a list of the top reasons why companies don’t engage in relationship marketing. These are fairly typical of the reasons why companies don’t do many things: 22% cite “lack of resources”, 19% “not clearly defined strategy”, 13% “technology limitations” and 10% “lack of single customer view“. It seems amazing that lots of companies still don’t have the know-how to create a single view of each customer – but it’s a fact.

This is a pretty astonishing finding when you look at the figures for marketing spend versus customer retention (customer service and CRM). There seems to be a collective ignoring of common sense that is driving companies away from their existing customers and, instead, focusing their time, energy and budget on acquiring expensive new customers – even when they know that costs will be higher and ROI lower.

STOP loosing customers and money! Start working with your customers, develop and retain them.

We at Passion4Sales can help you to develop the right strategy and execute it. We have developed a dedicated team of account management specialists who help our customers to develop and retain their customers. Next to that we continuously update your CRM-tool enabling you to reach out to the right contact person with the right contact details.

Both via field – and telephone activities our specialists talk, question, help and sell to our customers’ customers. Through an increased customer contact we are able to establish a true relationship with them and have a better understanding of their needs. We are committed to increase your revenues and strengthen the relationship you have with your customers.

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